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Elite Jute Floor Cushion for Reading Nook

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Welcome to Faburaa - Your Haven for Elite Jute Floor Cushions for Reading Nook

Enhance the comfort and charm of your reading nook with our exquisite Elite Jute Floor Cushions. At Faburaa, we understand the importance of creating a serene and cozy space where you can escape into the captivating world of literature. Our carefully crafted Elite Jute Floor Cushion is the perfect companion for your reading adventures, offering unmatched support and style.

Discover Unparalleled Comfort: Immerse yourself in the luxurious comfort of our Elite Jute Floor Cushion. Made from the finest quality jute materials, these cushions are meticulously designed to provide a plush and supportive seating experience. Sink into the soft embrace of the cushion as you lose yourself in the pages of your favorite book.

Elevate Your Décor: Not just a functional addition to your reading nook, our Elite Jute Floor Cushions also add a touch of sophistication to your living space. The natural appeal of jute blends seamlessly with any interior design, whether it's modern, rustic, or bohemian. Let our cushions become an eye-catching statement piece that effortlessly elevates the ambiance of your home.

Durability Meets Elegance: Our commitment to quality ensures that the Elite Jute Floor Cushions are not only stylish but also durable. Designed to withstand the test of time, these cushions are built to accompany you on countless reading journeys, making them a worthwhile investment for any book enthusiast.

Versatile and Functional: While the primary focus of our Elite Jute Floor Cushions is to enhance your reading nook, their versatility extends beyond just that. They can be effortlessly moved around your home, serving as additional seating for guests during gatherings or as a comfortable spot for meditation and relaxation.

Uncompromising Style and Sustainability: At Faburaa, we believe in sustainable practices, and our Elite Jute Floor Cushions reflect that philosophy. Crafted from eco-friendly jute, these cushions embrace the beauty of nature while leaving a minimal footprint on the environment.

Why Choose Faburaa:

  • Immerse yourself in unparalleled comfort with our Elite Jute Floor Cushions.
  • Elevate your living space with the natural appeal of jute, adding a touch of sophistication to your home.
  • Enjoy the blend of durability and elegance, ensuring a long-lasting investment.
  • Embrace versatility, as these cushions complement various settings beyond your reading nook.
  • Contribute to sustainable practices with our eco-friendly jute materials.

Revamp your reading nook into a cozy haven of literary bliss with our Elite Jute Floor Cushions. Experience the joy of reading with enhanced comfort and style. Shop now at Faburaa and make your reading nook truly elite!

Product Information


1. ABOUT ELITE CUSHION PAD - We are proud to present to you FABURAAs ELITE CUSHION PAD .Each piece is quilted with great love and care using premium quality materials by traditional Indian artisans .

2. PLACES TO ENHANCE - Use the bench-cushion as a seat pad or back and hip support for your garden bench or porch swing or as a floor or long cushion. 2-3 Seater Bench Cushions.

3. PRODUCT FEATURES - We have Doubled stitched the product with Edges sealed. It is ideal Meditation and Pranayama Exercise.

4. STORAGE AND CARE - Elite yoga cushion can folded and needs to be kept in a dry area. Can Be cleaned and can be used both sided.

5. SUPERIOR QUALITY :Made of high quality fabric for comfortable seating and will create a modern, stylish living atmosphere for your home or garden.

Product Details:

Size - 142x100 & 125x100 Cm

Material – Jute

Product Weight - 5.5 Kg

Package Content:

1 Floor Cushion

Care Instructions:

Here are some care instructions for Elite floor cushions:

1. Vacuum or sweep regularly to remove dirt and dust particles. 

2. For spills and stains, use a damp cloth to blot the affected area. Do not rub harshly. 

3. Avoid using harsh chemicals or detergents for cleaning as they may damage the fabric. 

4. As cushion cover is not removable, use a mild cleaning solution and a soft-bristled brush to clean it. 

5. Keep the cushion away from direct sunlight or heat sources to prevent fading or damage to the fabric. 

Warranty Details:

We offer a 1-year warranty on our Elite Floor Cushions. This warranty covers manufacturing defects and any issues related to the quality of materials used. If you experience any problems with your cushion, please contact our customer service team and we will be happy to assist you in resolving the issue. Please note that the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse, or accidental damage.


The products in the image are for illustration purposes. Please refer "items included in package" to understand what is inclusive of the price.


Q: What is the size of Elite floor cushions? 

A: Elite floor cushions come in different sizes ranging from small to large, depending on the design. 

Q: What type of fabric is used for Elite floor cushions? 

A: Elite floor cushions are made of high-quality fabrics like jute, cotton, and velvet. 

Q: Can Elite floor cushions be used for outdoor seating? 

A: Yes, Elite floor cushions are durable and versatile enough to be used for indoor as well as outdoor seating. 

Q: How can I clean my Elite floor cushion? 

A: The cleaning method for Elite floor cushions depends on the type of fabric used. It is recommended to check the care instructions for each specific product. 

Q: Can Elite floor cushions be customized? 

A: Elite floor cushions can be customized with different designs, fabrics, and sizes. Please contact our customer service for more information on customizing your Elite floor cushion. 

Shipping & Returns

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Returns are accepted only for the following reasons: 

  • Damaged Product 
  • Dead on Arrival 
  • Manufacturing Defect 
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  • Expired Product 

The time frame starts from the date the product was delivered as per the confirmation received from our logistics team or courier partners. 
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