What is the warranty policy of Faburaa products? 

Faburaa offers a limited warranty on all of our products. The duration of the warranty depends on the specific product and is listed on the product page.

What does the warranty cover? 

Our warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship for the duration of the warranty period.

How do I claim my warranty? 

To claim your warranty, please contact our customer support team at [insert contact information]. They will guide you through the process and determine if your claim is covered under the warranty.

What evidence do I need to provide to make a warranty claim? 

To make a warranty claim, you may need to provide a proof of purchase and a description of the issue you are experiencing with the product. Our customer support team will provide further guidance.

Can I return a product for a warranty claim if I have used it? 

Yes, as long as the issue is covered under the warranty and within the warranty period, you may return a used product for a warranty claim.

What happens if my warranty claim is approved? 

If your warranty claim is approved, we will either repair or replace the product at our discretion.

What happens if my warranty claim is denied? 

If your warranty claim is denied, we will provide an explanation for the denial. In some cases, we may offer a repair service at an additional cost.

Does the warranty cover accidental damage? 

No, our warranty does not cover accidental damage.

Is the warranty transferable to a new owner if I sell the product? 

No, the warranty is not transferable to a new owner.

How are my product warranties covered? 
  • The product comes with a specified warranty for particular product on their product page which covers manufacturing defects. 

This limited warranty does not apply to: 

  • Small cuts, scratches, or damage during the cleaning process 
  • Damaged caused by the incorrect installation of a product 
  • Cracks during the random displacement 
  • Product kept in contact to direct sunlight and water, resulting in decaying of product 
  • There is no warranty on upholstery/ coverings/ cushion covers. 
In the Event Of Any Manufacturing Defect In Non-Upholstered Products (Any Defect Detected On The Product That Is A Result Of Poor Workmanship) 
  • We ensure that our products are free from manufacturing defects however, in an unlikely event of a product being defective, we offer a one (1) year warranty against such manufacturing defect. 
  • During the warranty period we undertake to exchange, repair, or refund through our gift vouchers, provided the same is subject to review, verification, and confirmation of the manufacturing defect in the faulty product by our quality control team. 
  • The foregoing warranty shall not be treated as a rolling/continuing warranty and the products exchanged or repaired shall be covered only for the remainder of the original warranty period (i.e. the remainder of the actual 1 year warranty period). 
  • Further, the exchange or repair of the faulty product is actioned by Faburaa at the original delivery address of the customer, which the customer provided during the purchase of the faulty product. 
  • Faburaa agrees to honour the request of exchange, repair or refund of the faulty product provided the customer furnishes either the original invoice/bill or provides a copy/Xerox of the original invoice/bill thereby establishing proof of purchase of the faulty product. 
  • No alteration or modification should have been made / carried out to / in the product/s, and the faulty product shall be in its original state for Faburaa to honour the request of exchange, repair or refund. Faburaa’s liability to exchange, repair or refund the product in case it is modified in any manner whatsoever by the customer shall cease upon such modification/s. 
  • The response time at Faburaa for addressing any complaint raised by the customer is maximum 7 (seven) working days from the date of the complaint. Please note that during this period, the Faburaa personnel / representative shall duly inspect the product for resolution of the customer complaint. 
  • The length of the warranty for the repaired or replaced product is equal to the remaining length of the original warranty of the product when it was purchased originally by the customer. 
  • In case of the product being purchased from exhibition sales or from discounted sales, the product/s are considered to be bought by the customer on “bought as seen and liked” basis, therefore, Faburaa shall not entertain any requests for exchange, replacement or refund unless the product suffers from any manufacturing defect as per the opinion of Faburaa, and which compromises the structural integrity of the product. 
  • It is understood that the products purchase from exhibition sales / discounted sales / clearance sales may carry minor finish blemishes or shop soiling; we offer no warranty against any manufacturing defect/s in the product. 
  • Similarly, in case the goods/product is bought on more than 50% discount, the products would be considered “bought as seen and liked“ by the customer and there will be no warranty in case of manufacturing defects. 
  • The warranty of any hardware spare parts and accessories like springs, rods, hooks, and nuts will not cover any warranty.  
My shipment shows delivered but I have not received the order. What should I do?

All orders delivered by us have a proof of delivery with signatures by the person who has accepted the order. In case you haven't received your shipment, please check with family members, neighbors, security, the mail room, reception, and anyone else who may have accepted the order on your behalf.

We always strive to maintain high quality standards and we continuously work towards improving them. We suggest you to please write to us on handle@Faburaa.com should you desire to invoke the warranty on the products or if you are willing to share your feedback with us. Faburaa’s liability is limited to the purchase price of the defective or non-compliant products and Faburaa shall, under no circumstances in any manner whatsoever, be held liable for any indirect damage/s, costs, expenses or financial losses suffered by you or a third party. This warranty policy shall be effective from 1st October, 2020 and supersedes any and all previous policy/ies whether in written or oral form. 

My Account

How do I create an account on Faburaa?  

Creating an account with Faburaa is easy! All you have to do is sign up with your social logins (Facebook works beautifully!) or your email address or your phone number. We promise to send you only newsletters that are absolutely gorgeous, keep you informed of your orders, or any special offers that might come up. 

Here is how you can get on board 

  1. Head on over to the Sign-Up Page
  2. Enter the details as requested - your email address and choose a password. Or, you can choose to sign up with your Google log-in or Facebook social login. 
  3. Voila! You have an account with Faburaa now. 

Psst: We sometimes have offers only for those subscribed to our newsletters or those of you who have an account with us 

How do I log in to my Faburaa account? 

To log in to your Faburaa account, click on the "Sign In" button on the top right corner of the homepage and enter your registered email address and password.

How do I update my account information?  

To update your account information, log in to your account and go to the "My Account" section. From there, you can update your personal details, shipping and billing addresses, and payment information.

I forgot my password. What should I do?  

If you've forgotten your password, click on the "Sign In" button on the top right corner of the homepage and click on "Forgot Password". Enter your registered email address and follow the instructions to reset your password.

How do I change my email address associated with my Faburaa account?  

To change the email address associated with your Faburaa account, log in to your account and go to the "My Account" section. From there, you can update your personal details, including your email address.

What are the benefits to registering with Faburaa ?

Exciting offers await you. 

Other benefits of registering on Faburaa include: 

  • As a registered member of Faburaa, you do not need to enter your details like address every time you order. It is saved in My Account. 
  • You can track all your orders by logging in to My Account with user email id and password. 
  • Please Note: For other Promotions, offer end date will be mentioned on the website. 
  • You can save items you are interested using the My Wish list feature; for easy purchase in the future If you choose to, you can get regular updates on new arrivals. 
What are terms and conditions for the usage of a coupon? 
  • You should be logged in to Faburaa.com in order to use these coupons as they are mapped to your User ID. 
  • Faburaa reserves the right to decide whether or not a customer is eligible to use a coupon. 
  • Faburaa reserves the right to decide the number of time times a customer is eligible to use a coupon. 
  • Faburaa reserves the right to decide the start and the end date of a coupon. 
  • Coupons are not applicable on Hot Priced products and Gift Cards 
  • Faburaa reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of a coupon. 
  • Faburaa reserves the right to cancel any order where it suspects misuse of coupons by using duplicate emails, mobile numbers or addresses. The decision of Faburaa  will be final and binding in this respect. 
I am not able to find the Faburaa newsletter or emails in my inbox?

Sometimes, our newsletter may go in the junk or spam box of your email. If you find the newsletters from Faburaa in junk/spam box, please mark them as 'not spam' and add the sender to your contact. If you are using Gmail, our emails may also be under the Promotions or Updates tab. In such a case, just drag the email to the Primary tab.

How do I unsubscribe from the Faburaa newsletters and offers? 

If you no longer wish to receive our offers and exclusive deals, we will be sad to see you go but you can easily unsubscribe: 

  • Open an email (Newsletter/Promotional offers) 
  • You will find an Unsubscribe link at the bottom. Click it 

That's it! You will not receive any newsletter thereafter. 

Gift Card

What is a Faburaa Gift Card?  

A Faburaa Gift Card is a perfect gift that opens doors to a wide range of home décor products. It is available in various pocket-friendly denominations to suit different needs and budgets. You can also opt to share the Gift Card via email.

How do I order a Faburaa Gift Card? To order a Faburaa Gift Card, follow these steps: 
  • Visit the Gift Card menu on the header section of the Faburaa homepage at www.faburaa.com 
  • Select the E-Gift Card you want to purchase 
  • Choose from the available denominations: ₹500, ₹1000, ₹2000, ₹3000 
  • Fill in the recipient/beneficiary information, including the mandatory mobile number and email address 
  • You may also add a custom gift message 
  • Make the payment using options such as Domestic Credit Card, Domestic Debit Card, Net-banking, or EMI 
Is there a limit on the number of Gift Cards I can purchase in one order?

You can purchase a maximum of 5 Gift Cards in a single order.

Can I use all payment options to purchase other items and a Gift Card?  

If you have multiple products in your cart, including a Gift Card, you will only see select payment options, such as Domestic Credit Card, Net-banking, or EMI.

Is there a processing fee for Gift Cards?  

There is no processing fee for E-Gift Cards.

When will I receive my Gift Card?  

The E-Gift Card will be sent to the recipient's email address as soon as the order is confirmed.

What can I purchase using my Faburaa Gift Card?  

You can use your Gift Card to purchase all products available on Faburaa.com, except another Gift Card.

How do I pay with a Faburaa Gift Card?  

To pay with a Faburaa Gift Card, follow these steps: 

  • Select the items you want to purchase and proceed to checkout 
  • Select the "Faburaa Gift Card" option at the payment method page 
  • Enter your 16-digit Gift Card number and the corresponding 6-digit PIN number 
  • If the Gift Card value does not cover your total order amount, you will be prompted to select an additional payment method 
  • If the Gift Card value is more than your total order amount, the balance will be credited back to your Gift Card and can be used for future purchases 
What is the validity of my Gift Card?  

The validity of your Gift Card depends on the offer under which it was purchased, but all cards have a minimum validity of 1 Year. You can check the validity of your card using this link. Unused funds in an expired Gift Card cannot be claimed, and no interest will be paid on the Gift Card or its balance.

Whom to contact for any queries relating to Gift cards/any transactions using gift card? 

For any queries kindly get in touch with the Customer Support team at handle@faburaa.com or the contact number as mentioned in the customer SMS notification

Can I redeem my Gift Card for cash? 

No. You cannot redeem your Gift Card for cash, or use it to buy another Gift Card. It can only be used to purchase products listed on Faburaa.com

Can I return a gift card? 

Gift cards once purchased cannot be cancelled or refunded.

What happens if I lose my eGift card or it is stolen?  

Unfortunately, lost or stolen eGift cards cannot be replaced. Please treat your eGift card like cash and keep it secure.

Can I return or exchange products purchased with an eGift card?

Yes, products purchased with an eGift card can be returned or exchanged in accordance with the website's return policy.

Can I transfer my eGift card to someone else?  

Yes, you can transfer your eGift card to someone else. Simply forward the eGift card email to the desired recipient.

What if the recipient does not receive the eGift card email?  

If the recipient does not receive the eGift card email, please check the spam folder or contact customer support for assistance.

How can I check the balance of my eGift card?  

You can check the balance of your eGift card by visiting the eGift card page on the website and entering the card number.